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Determining the ROI of Social Proof: 6 Metrics You Need to Measure

Did you know that if you aren’t using social proof, you’re missing out on boosting conversion rates by up to a whopping 34%? Download the eBook to gain a better understanding of how to determine the ROI of social proof.

Product-Led Growth: Power Your PLG Strategy with Customer Content

How do you get the peers of your target buyers to use your product? Offering freemiums and free trials is a great starting point. But today’s consumers want hard-hitting social proof that a product is effective and worthwhile before trying.

Customer Evidence: The Ultimate Guide to Winning Over the B2B Buyer in 2023 and Beyond

44% of millennials (a majority of the workforce today) are driving the modernization of the sales process from seller-focused to seller-free. The truth is, today's B2B buyers want to research products and solutions on their own time with their own tools.