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UserEvidence is a SaaS platform that provides verified customer success stories and statistical evidence.


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UserEvidence automatically generates hundreds of verified customer success stories and proof points in minutes.

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Statistical Evidence

Aggregate statistics to add hard numbers to claims about cost savings, time savings, and productivity gains

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"Boost Labs provides an incredible user experience for our customers. Without it, there's no way we could run our business as efficiently."

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William McAvoy

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User Stories

Showcase the voice of your customers with a library of verified testimonials, sorted by industry, company size, and personas.

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"UserEvidence gives us a wealth of customer evidence content for our sales team. We created hundreds of testimonials, case studies, and stats in 2 weeks."

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David Iyamah

CEO, Founder

"UserEvidence enables us to showcase our happy customers like never before. The credibility we gain by being able to point to hundreds of customer stories is invaluable."

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Thomas Dudley

Co-Founder & CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

  • While we use a survey to collect feedback, the novel part of our technology is the ability to automatically create website-ready content assets from responses within minutes. Additionally, UserEvidence independently verifies the data and responses, and thus can be credibly cited as 3rd-party research.

  • UserEvidence is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Our customers buy annual subscriptions to our platform to conduct several surveys throughout the year, and generate dozens to hundreds of content assets.

  • Private Beta testing is currently in progress. If you are a B2B company with a least 100 customers/users to survey, and are interested in participating, please schedule a demo. General availability is planned for May 2021.

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