In a few sentences, please describe the impact RTasks by ResiDex has had on your organization. Please use metrics and specific numbers where applicable.

"It has allowed ease of access of information from staff, before they had to go thru multiple books, now it can be done with a search bar. It has saved each manager on avg 1-3 hours per week of computer work. We no longer have to purchase a file cabinet every 2 years to make room for the piles of paper. Our company went from 100% paper to 5% paper usage after residex."

Designated Manager
Small Business Health Care Providers & Services Company
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This data is from a survey of ResiDex users, and was verified by UserEvidence on November 10, 2021.

About ResiDex

ResiDex is an innovative, integrated and user friendly software suite to help run assisted living centers, group homes, adult day care centers, and other facilities for senior and / or disabled care. ResiDex enables you to effectively manage the care provided to your residents, including service plans, demographic information, medications, and MARs / E-MARs.

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