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Skaled Helps ComplianceLine Sales Team "Believe They Could Do It"

Published: August 17, 2021
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This Customer Spotlight is a synopsis of how ComplianceLine used Skaled to benefit their business. The feedback included was collected and verified in a January 2022 survey of Skaled customers conducted by UserEvidence, an independent research firm.

Key Results


Increase in Avg Deal Size


Faster Sales Cycles


Would Recommend

Helped the team believe they could do it and taught them how to engage in a process of experimentation. Got us started on building some playbooks.

Giovanni Gallo




What were the main challenges you were encountering that led you to choose Skaled?

  • SDRs/BDRs struggling to generate enough pipeline/opportunities
  • No or poor existing framework for sales enablement

What competitors/alternatives did you evaluate before choosing Skaled?

  • Internal leader, enablement, or ops hire

What was the catalyst or trigger that ultimately led you to start working with Skaled?

  • Optimize a key aspect of demand generation
  • Needed help building a new group within our sales organization

Why did you choose to work with Skaled vs other alternatives?

  • Had a great interaction in the sales/evaluation process

Which Skaled services are you leveraging?

  • Sales Process (Skaled playbooks, etc.)
  • Prospecting & Outbound Strategy
  • Organizational Alignment & Hiring

By what % have you increased average deal size because of Skaled?

  • 0-10%

By how many days, on average, has Skaled helped you reduce sales cycles

  • 0-7 days

How much more pipeline are you generating per quarter because of Skaled?

  • $0-$500k

By what % have you increased win rates/close rates because of Skaled? (100% means win rates/close rates doubled.)

  • 0-10%

What do you anticipate will be your timeframe for return on your investment (ROI) with Skaled?

  • 180-360 days
About Skaled

Today’s buyers demand value-driven interactions. Skaled supports an organization’s need to meet those demands using our unique approach that combines modern sales strategy, intentional digital presence, and quality execution. Our proven methodology is designed to accelerate sales impact, helping organizations achieve measurable and sustainable results.

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