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Published: July 29, 2021
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This Customer Spotlight is a synopsis of how Humans Doing used HireEZ to benefit their business. The feedback included was collected and verified in a May 2022 survey of HireEZ customers conducted by UserEvidence, an independent research firm.

Key Results


Decreased Time-to-Fill


Increased Success-Fill Rates


Would Recommend

HireEZ is a great, intuitive, relatively easy-to-use resource. My overall experience has been great, but I have noticed that the candidate contact information is not always available or the candidate profile is dated. More real-time data is preferable.

Sharon Lockhart

Sr. Talent Consultant

Humans Doing, LLC


What were your main recruiting challenges that led to purchasing HireEZ?

  • Struggling to source enough candidates
  • Not finding quality candidates
  • Spending way too much time sourcing

What competitors did you evaluate before choosing HireEZ?

  • SeekOut
  • LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Loxo

What features of HireEZ are most important to you?

  • Targeted Sourcing
  • Contact-finding
  • Automated Email Campaigns
  • Analytics and Reports
  • Talent Market Insights
  • Integrations and Data Centralization
  • Chrome Extension

What benefits of HireEZ have you achieved?

  • Decrease sourcing time
  • Increase quality of candidates sourced
  • Increase email response rates
  • Decrease time-to-hire

HireEZ has helped you decrease time-to-fill by….

  • 7-14 days

How much has HireEZ helped you increase your success-fill rates?

  • 25-50%

HireEZ has helped you increase email response rates by….

  • 11-25%

How much faster are you able to source candidates with HireEZ?

  • 1-2X
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hireEZ (previously Hiretual) is an AI-powered outbound recruitment platform to help you break free from outdated recruiting systems and help jobs find people. With hireEZ, you can execute a strategically scalable approach to build your workforce of the future.

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