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Deepgram Trained Models Beat the Competition

Published: July 25, 2021
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Internet Software & Services

This Customer Spotlight is a synopsis of how a Small Business Internet Software & Services company used Deepgram to benefit their business. The feedback included was collected and verified in a January 2022 survey of Deepgram customers conducted by UserEvidence, an independent research firm.

Key Results


Accuracy Levels


Time to Go Live


Would Recommend

The ability to both build a custom model and deploy it on-premise meant that we could provide a differentiated offering to clients, especially where existing models were performing poorly. Subsequent to starting to work with Deepgram we have also found the entire team to be incredibly helpful in assisting us with other aspects of implementation and delivery outside of the scope of an off the shelf product

Head of Product

Small Business Internet Software & Services Company


What were the main challenges that you were encountering that led you to purchase Deepgram?

  • Low accuracy from incumbent or alternative speech recognition engines
  • Existing feature set wasn’t robust enough to service our use case

What competitors did you evaluate before choosing Deepgram?

  • Google STT
  • Amazon Transcribe
  • IBM Watson
  • Speechmatics
  • Open Source

What factors led you to select Deepgram?

  • Ability to increase accuracy with model training
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Deployment Flexibility

What accuracy levels were you seeing before Deepgram

  • 70-80%

Please select the options that describe your deployment

  • Client Hosted (on-prem or VPC)
  • Real-time
  • Trained model

How long did it take you to go live in production once you decided to implement Deepgram?

  • Greater than 9 weeks

What accuracy levels are you seeing with Deepgram?

  • Greater than 90%

What speech recognition benefits are you achieving from your Deepgram deployment?

  • Improved task completion rates (eg. resolved support calls or Sales close rates)
  • Ability to differentiate from competitors

What business benefits are you seeing from choosing Deepgram?

  • Able to successfully launch a new product

What do you anticipate will be your timeframe for return on your investment (ROI) in Deepgram?

  • 1-3 months
About Deepgram

Deepgram reinvented Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) with a complete, deep learning model that allows companies to get faster, more accurate transcription, resulting in more reliable data sets — on-prem or in the cloud. And we do it all with lower hardware and usage costs so we’re a hell of a lot more scalable than big tech players.

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