In a few sentences, please describe the impact of CoSell on your organization. Please use metrics & specific numbers where applicable.

Literally within 5 minutes of using the platform I found a key prospect of ours that was a customer of a partners, the partner made the intro, and I set up a intro call with this key prospect. That's pretty darn close to INSTANT ROI. CoSell is a brilliant platform to organize your co-selling efforts with your partners. It takes the manual work out of collaborating with your partners, and lets you jump instantly to finding shared prospects/customers and making intros. Now that we have the SDR team on it, we've operationalized and scaled our partner-sourced intros. We've closed over $80k of CoSell business within 3 months, and have a lot more in the pipeline.

Evan Huck

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CoSell is a secure partnership collaboration network that reveals your most strategic partners with account overlaps for revenue growth. Scale your revenue by establishing trusted relationships with your strategic partners. Embrace your competitive advantage with the best warm introductions from the right strategic partners. Manage all of your partner relationships and communication securely from one powerful, sleek and unified platform.

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