If ClozeLoop has helped you get better in your role, why do you think the methodology has been effective?

% of Users
We have clear playbooks that tell me exactly how to approach a scenario
Our team now has a shared language we can use to train together as a team
Reinforcement and ongoing support from ClozeLoop trainers
Digital Assets / recordings I can access on my own time
My managers are now more effective coaches
About This Research

This data is from a survey of 48 ClozeLoop users, and was verified by UserEvidence on May 09, 2021.

About ClozeLoop

ClozeLoop is a revenue strategy firm. We drive performance for Management, Sales, Customer Success, and Sales Enablement in the fastest-growing companies on the planet.

About UserEvidence

UserEvidence is a survey-based research platform that enables vendors to showcase feedback from real users of their products. UserEvidence independently verifies the identity of survey respondents and authenticity of response data.

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