In a few sentences, please describe the impact RTasks by ResiDex has had on your organization. Please use metrics and specific numbers where applicable.

"RTasks has made the work flow for multiple roles at our small company so much more efficient. Just the ability to be typing notes compared to handwritten is a huge upgrade. There are so many things that we individually used to type into an Excel spreadsheet, but now that information is essentially automated through the use of RTasks reports. The program has been a complete game changer for us. The support team has been excellent as well. So supportive and have been able to help customize so many different avenues for some of our more unique requests based on what we do. "

Corey Kuefler

Designated Coordinator
Enrich inc.
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This data is from a survey of ResiDex users, and was verified by UserEvidence on November 19, 2021.

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ResiDex is an innovative, integrated and user friendly software suite to help run assisted living centers, group homes, adult day care centers, and other facilities for senior and / or disabled care. ResiDex enables you to effectively manage the care provided to your residents, including service plans, demographic information, medications, and MARs / E-MARs.

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