In a few sentences, how would you describe the impact in which LEON can be used to support managers and employees?

"I think it adds real data inputs and takes away the lazy bias that goes into understanding the health and capability of a team. Improving our workplace culture starts with employee engagement and motivation tools / tactics and understanding where the team is, what's working and not working, and having a platform to remind us to be intentional about it daily is making a differerence. "

Small Business Diversified Financial Services Company
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This data is from a survey of LEON users, and was verified by UserEvidence on November 18, 2021.

About LEON

LEON gives managers at high-growth SaaS startups the Playbooks and data they need to develop high-performing teams with low turnover.

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UserEvidence is a survey-based research platform that enables vendors to showcase feedback from real users of their products. UserEvidence independently verifies the identity of survey respondents and authenticity of response data.

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